The New Pharisees

I managed to stumble across this on a typically very atheistic website.

The blog post is about a painting someone did with Jesus washing the feet of all sorts of (in)famous people such as GW Bush and Osama Bin Laden. The blogger is commenting about the immense backlash from the “Christian” community about it.

There is a sample comment on there that sums it up: “Sorry, I aint that kind of Christian. My Jesus would use nunchucks on Osama bin Laden. Or maybe rip his still beating heart out, Temple of Doom style.”

My gut reaction was that our American Christianity is now just a new form of Phariseeism.. and it’s pretty scary.


4 Comments on “The New Pharisees”

  1. sally says:

    I was at work so I couldn’t read that other guy’s whole post and now I can’t get to it because some stupid server is down ugh! And it’s now, just when the internet is getting relevant! I gotta say that I agree with you on this one. Jesus didn’t rip Paul’s still beating heart from his chest. Funny that.

  2. sally says:

    Just got through to the site. Good stuff. Maybe if it gets boring at work in January I’ll order one for my office.

  3. Théa says:

    Oh, wow. Jesus toting nunchucks? We have missed the mark by a wide margin, I think, if that’s “our” Jesus.

  4. thtaylor says:

    The politically correct are the new pharisees. They have all the charactweristics described in the New Testament which are attributed to them

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