The Creating Creator Creates a Creation that Creates Creators who Create Creations that Create.

If I were to write a book about the Universe.. that’s what I would call it. Or not. But I find idea interesting. It’s really about the character of God.. or at least one aspect of it. I like to believe that God likes that we like to create. I think we are all creators.. some more then others… some maintain, but that too is an aspect of creation.

Chapter 1: The Creator creates creation.
Chapter 2: Creation creates little creators.
Chapter 3: The creators and their creations.
Chapter 4: The creations being to create.

Apparently it will be a pretty short book.

Basically, God creates the Universe, the Universe creates people, the people start making things, those things start making their own things. For those that cringe at the idea of the Universe making people.. does it really lessen God at all? When we start making machines that can make up their own things.. but combining new ideas and materials… sure, we can say, “Wow, what an amazing machine”.. but it’s really the creator of the machine that should get the glory. Maybe, when that happens.. humans will have a better understanding of God. “Hey, I made that machine that makes all those cool things.. and you are praising the machine? Sheesh”.



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