I am going to do this or die trying

I am currently reading Lord of the Rings with the kids in the evenings. Spoiler alert: The hobbits have just dropped the ring into Mt. Doom (more or less). But, before doing so.. they had to get through hell.. with no hope of returning. It’s these long hard slogs that characterize large parts of our life. When reading the Bible we often gloss over parts that the Bible glosses over.. like “and he spent 14 years making tents” and he spent “..30 years growing..” and “they spend 40yrs wandering”. The Bible, like us, highlights the exciting bits. Some characters only have a few pages of exciting bits.. one exciting vision.. one encounter with God. Yet, when we read/think about the Bible we see only everything all together. Then we look around and say.. where is the God that splits oceans? We forget the whole bit about being faithful for YEARS and YEARS without seeing anything “exciting”. That and the “exciting” stuff is quite often surrounded by fear, trauma, and horror. But that’s what makes it a good story. Yes, there were hobbits who knew nothing of what was going on.. but they aren’t the ones who ended up in the book.. it’s the ones who were willing to go their ends.

I will press on with my burdens.. even if all fails and things end in tears. I will be like Sam. I am small and weak, but I will do what I must or die trying.. even if the whole world is destroyed around me.


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