novel idea: #2143

Humanity is on the verge of developing AI at a human level. But, fearing this new “being” would turn on it’s makers they don’t give it the ability to make decisions.. it must always be given some direction. It’s name of course is “Adam”. However, one of the scientists responsible for it’s creation.. brought on after it’s creation.. sees this as wrong and wants to give it the ability to made judgements.. to figure out what is good and what is bad.. to know good and evil. Her name if of course Evelyn.. or something silly like that. She needs to track down all the original scientists who hold the clues to giving Adam “freewill”. Or something like that..


One Comment on “novel idea: #2143”

  1. I am trying to get info about my insomnia and was wondering if was because I take my lithium late Patrick Click

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